About Us

The year was 2017… Sector Seven Industries was created. 

Born from necessity, we were not pleased with the quality and design of most of the products on the market. In the relentless pursuit of excellence, we dusted off the old family sewing machine, and started modifications on existing gear. We then slowly began designing our own pouches and bags for the specific roles they would fill. Others took notice, and began asking for us to work on their gear as well. We outgrew the old table top sewing machine in the kitchen pretty quick. We upgraded to some high-end industrial machines, and built the Sector Seven Laboratories as they are today.  

The Sector Seven team is dedicated to producing the highest quality gear, using the best design practices. We proudly stand behind everything we make, backed by our lifetime quality guarantee. “All our Handmade gear is covered for life. If an item becomes damaged from regular use, we will fix it free of charge or replace it.” 

The Sector Seven Laboratories are located in the Ottawa Valley. We take great pride in the fact that our gear is hand made in Canada.